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New Contributor II

Reload rows for macro

I need reload information file .txt.

For example the 1000 rows,  only load first 100 rows using macro.

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Re: Reload rows for macro

You could by using macros set the variable "n" for load with first:

first n ( load-befehl | select-befehl )

- Marcus

New Contributor II

Re: Reload rows for macro

Hi Marcus Sommer,

Some example you can share?


William Esneider Peña

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Bogotá - Colombia

2013/5/13 Marcus Sommer <qcwebmaster@qlik.com>


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Re: Reload rows for macro

Hi William,

I haven't any example for this, it is only an idea:

sub xyz



ActiveDocument.Variables("N_for_First").SetContent 100, true



end sub

I don't know what happens if "N" > RowsCount or "N" = "*wildcard*" - perhaps it must solve in a loop-command to separate a normally Load and a macro-reload.

- Marcus

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