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Reload when Monday

Hi All,

I do not have publisher and Windows sched task means not optimising through QV task manager Console.

I wonder if the script on reload (not using macros) can reload when it is a specific date.

So refresh on a Monday and Tuesday and not any other day.  When not refreshing, simply close down QV and leave that data as it was pre-open.

I have tried Exit script, but that results in the data taht was there to dissapear.

I was hoping for a simple IF today() is Monday or Tuesday then load ELSEIF <> Mon or Tue then close QV without saving.?

Logic behind no Macros are - I do not have publisher, and Managed Console does not run Macros post reload. Windows Task manager "/r" method works, but I cannot monitor the 70+ tasks timings when on different methods of reload easily/

Thoughts?  I am open to all thinking



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Re: Reload when Monday

Hi Peter,

I posted this on the comment you put on thread ... http://community.qlik.com/thread/18302?tstart=0

I use a "Control" .qvw document to manage my multiple and infrequent reloads. You can set the control document to reload every day at the desired time and check the day in an 'if' statement. If the script is true, then force the control document to FAIL by using something like this ...

If (day(today()) = 'Mon') then

     Load nonexistant field from nonexistant table;


When the if statement is false, the control document succeeds, but when it is true it fails. You then set up your target document to run on the failure state of the control document. It won't refresh when the control document succeeds. Your admin just need to know that the Control doc will sometimes show a failure state by design.

Hope this helps.


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