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Remove duplicate fieldvalue

Searched various posts regarding this issue but couldn't find any solution yet.

Due to an error in a 3rd party datadump I have various duplications in a sold volume field but they all have a different unique selling ID.

It is hard to repair the bug from 3rd party so I hope it can by solved by a loading script.

I like to keep one value of course and delete all others till next unique value appaers.

I attached the input source.

Looking forward for any reaction.


Bert (rooky user)

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Re: Remove duplicate fieldvalue

You could with peek() or previous() check values from former rows against the values from the current row and then set a flag which you could use to filter your data (per selection in gui or per where-clause within the script) - how it works: Pick() or Previous() ?

- Marcus

Honored Contributor III

Re: Remove duplicate fieldvalue

use distinct

load distinct


resident table;



Re: Remove duplicate fieldvalue



load *

From Table;



load *,

if(rowno()=1,1, if( previous(Field1)=Field1 and previous(Field2)=Field2 and previous(Field3)=Field3,0,1)) as Flag

resident Data

order by ID; // Here you have to do order by with key

Drop table Data;

Here, I have taken random 3 fields but in your case you will have all the Fields of that table. So you will have if condition for all the fields of the table



load *

resident Data

where Flag =1;

drop table New;

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