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Removing Redundancies in Hierarchies


Hello Guys,

The above table is a Hierarchy table with Redundancies.

i.e. World->Americas->CA is redundant as World->Americas->CA->NAPA better describes the hierarchy.

Another redundancy: World-> Europe ->Germany is Redundant as World-> Europe ->Germany-> Rheingau

I want to remove all redundancies like this from the entire table.

My question is how do I remove these from the script? Do I use a where clause to weed out these redundancies?

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Re: Removing Redundancies in Hierarchies

You should not remove these records. They are not redundancies. Rather, they describe the node structure of a hierarchy - One record per node.

If you remove them, it will not be possible to select 'CA' or 'Germany' in a tree view list box. Also, it will not be possible to include transactions that are linked to these nodes in the calculations.


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Re: Removing Redundancies in Hierarchies

Mr. Henric,

I am new to QlikView and I appreciate your prompt reply.

I didn't know that each of them were significant.

Thank you