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Removing Scrollbar

Hi all,

I have the situation in which I have horizontal scrollbar in the screen(not the one of the chart) which I am interested to remove.

How can I do it?

Print screen is attached and the relevant scrollbar is marked in black.



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Re: Removing Scrollbar

Unfortunately, I can't see any way around this issue - I can't even seem to replicate what you've gotten (I can't get a scroll bar to show at the bottom of the container object unless it's for pivot table expressions, and in that case it shows up in full).

If possible, I would recommend wrapping each line of the table and increasing cell height to 2 or 3 - this should allow you to fit significantly more content at the expense of making each row higher, rather than wider, and might allow you to get everything in without requiring a scroll bar.

Other alternatives might be to split the information into two tables, to use a dynamic table (user selects which columns to show - this is fairly easy to do in QlikView 11), or (if all else fails), train users to export the results to Excel and take it up from there.

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Re: Removing Scrollbar

Simply, Drag all your Objects to extreme left as far as possible, just to make sure all the Sheet Objects fit into a single screen. Its a best practice to keep the List Boxes at extreeme left and charts beneath it

In the image I can see your Chart and List Box has some space in between. Try to minimize the space as far as possible. Then only your scroll bar won't appear.


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Re: Removing Scrollbar

If all your objects don't fit to page then you'll get scrollbar. Try to fit everything to screen.

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Re: Re: Removing Scrollbar

Hi ,

I moved everything to the left (see attached), but it does not really help because I don't succeed to shrink the chart.

I also attach the model here.

Can you help me?



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Re: Removing Scrollbar

You need a bigger screen

or shrink the object some more.

Try to also reduce the font size...

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Re: Removing Scrollbar

Hi Zama,

my problem is that I don't succeed to shrink the chart.

Do you know how to do it?

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Re: Removing Scrollbar

It's somewhat of an ugly workaround, but:

1) Hide or minimize your table

2) Create a container object that is no bigger than your screen resolution (i.e. there is no scrollbar as a result of this container)

3) Add your table to the container

I can't think of any other way to achieve this.

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Re: Removing Scrollbar

Hi Inna,

Instead of using the image in sheet property you can try the image in textbox object. Hopefully it will help your perpose.

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Re: Removing Scrollbar

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Re: Removing Scrollbar

There really isn't  a way you can shrink the model enough to fit on to the screen and still be able read what's happening.

Rather minimise the object when its not in use and maximise when you want to see the deatil.

Or else break the model into several different smaller table so that is can fit in the screen. Split your dimensions.

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