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Replace ASCII character 2 (STX, Start of text) with blanks


We import Microsoft Axapta data from an Oracle db. Empty values aren't filled with the value NULL or a space but with an ascii character 2 ( chr(2) ). This character means 'Start of text'. Qlikview shows a square. Our goal is to change this value in an empty string value.

We can use the PurgeChar function for each field of each table. This will be a lot of work. Is there a command or a function we can use in the beginning of our script to do a replace for every instances of our database? Otherwise, can we loop through every table and every field to do a PurgeChar after loading of all the tables?

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Re: Replace ASCII character 2 (STX, Start of text) with blanks


I think is better to purche character in every record insted modify Axapta Database.

i hope to help you