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Reports show different results per user CAL.

My company has purchased 10 user CALs from QlikView - 1 for Management, 1 for IT, 1 for Marketing, 1 for Sales, etc.  So only one user from each department is allowed to login under their respective user group at a time.  This works fine for us right now.  Currently, each user CAL is setup to view the same thing - each department can view all of the reports, dashboards, etc. We have not setup permissions based on user CALs yet.

However, in the past month or so different user groups have started to see different things.  For example, an update was made to a Regional Sales report wherein fields were added to the report.  When logging in as a Sales and/or Technology user, the report's changes do not show.  But when logging in as Management, the changes do show.

We've had this happen with a number of Accounting reports as well.

Yesterday I logged in to view a change to a manifest report and no matter what user CAL I use, the added field does not show.

All user groups can see the list of all reports and can access all reports but the outputs of the reports vary slightly per user group.

Any advice on something I am overlooking?  The occurences seem to be getting worse as time goes on.


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Re: Reports show different results per user CAL.

Check when you provided Acess to all app was there any access given or field or Sheet level which u haven't check

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