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Requesting Pros regarding conditional functions

Conditional Functions:


We all do know what the syntax of conditional statements are , but we are with less number of resource documents in community , i request pros to contribute something regarding this, robert mika i ve been using your resource documents and i found them very useful ,hope you take some time in this also ,i hope everyone come up with different scenarios and new ways of using them .cheers all    Robert_Mikagwassenaarhicjagan

if(condition , then , else)

alt(case1[ , case2 , case3 , ...] , else)

pick(n, expr1[ , expr2,...exprN])

match( str, expr1 [ , expr2,...exprN ] )

mixmatch( str, expr1 [ , expr2,...exprN ] )

wildmatch( str, expr1 [ , expr2,...exprN ] )

class(expression, interval [ , label [ , offset ]])



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Re: Requesting Pros regarding conditional functions


Re: Requesting Pros regarding conditional functions

The first thing you should as yourself when you have a conditional expression is: Can this problem be solved with Set Analysis?

The reason is that Set Analysis is always faster if the data amount is large. Hence, Set Analysis should be the preferred solution for conditional aggregations. See

Conditional Aggregations

Performance of Conditional Aggregations

The second question is: Can I prepare some of the calculations in the script, so that less calculations are made during the actual session?

If you in the script create Boolean fields - flags - the calculations in the UI will be faster and easier to express. See e.g.

On Boolean Fields and Functions

Year-over-Year Comparisons


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Re: Requesting Pros regarding conditional functions

thanks for your help HIC hic

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