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Resident load vs QVD

Hi Friends,

I have a chance of using QVD as well as Resident load. Which one is best with respect to the performance?



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Re: Resident load vs QVD

Both are best and it depends on how much capacity of data you have if there is lot on rows then go for QVD.



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Re: Resident load vs QVD

depends, if you are loading an optimized qvd or not, if you are doing some processing on the data the qvd will not be optimized therefore the resident is better, if you are just loading the data then they are almost the same.

Re: Resident load vs QVD

I believe both are different while you are using from your convenient like you have some lines of data then you can go for inline table just copy and paste the table data into the inline table load. Otherwise if you have some raw data and you want to transform it in the QVW application and then you go for the QVD by using any QVD maker and then create the QVD for later use.

Ex:- You have date fields and want to get the different date dimensions as (Year, Month, Quarter etc).



Re: Resident load vs QVD

Note:     If when loading the data you need to order [sort] it , then one must use a resident load.

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