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Return Value in a SUBroutine

is ther any possibility to declare an own Sub like:

sub isACoolName(name)

//return -1 or 0


and then use it in if expressions: if isACoolName('JanUlrich') then .... ??

and how does such an return statemant have to look like?


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Return Value in a SUBroutine


    Try this.

sub isACoolName(name)

isACoolName =1



Kaushik Solanki

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Return Value in a SUBroutine

okey, thanks. But i still got a problem with writing the return value into a variable or use it in another way.

things like this:

a = isACoolName('test');


a = call isACoolName("test");

dont seem to work.

thanks for your input!

Contributor II

Return Value in a SUBroutine


You can't return values from subroutines.  You might like try using a $-sign expansion, though.  e.g.

SET isACoolName=('$1'='janulrich');

LET a=$(isACoolName('John'));

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Return Value in a SUBroutine

Managing return values from SUB are possible in this way:

1) define a INLINE table VAR - it is used like a collection in VB or JavaScript
LOAD * INLINE [ Name, Val, Dummy_Var, 42 ]

2) create service functions to add or delete records in VAR
return values in SUBs can be stored in VAR with an Var_Add() or you can store directly with an LOAD * INLINE
Name, Val, ReturnVal, $(xyValue)

3) in main-pgm use LOOKUP to read the content of the Variable

- initial effort to create service routines
- not very transparent

- array() are possible
- unlimited record structure as you can create more fields in VAR  Inline
- the INLINE table is a normal table which can be used in your app to display your VAR-records