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Run / Convert Select-Queries from Access to Qlikview

Hi everyone,

we have got a tool written in Access which has got a lot of (we are talking about 200) Select - where - querys in it.

Because this tool is very old-fashioned and because of security issues we now want to do the same queries with qlikview.

The querys we are talking about are Select .... From ... where... queries with regular expressions in the where-clause in it.

So now I got my question:

Is it possible to convert or to run the SQL from Access to Qlikview in any kind of way?

Did anyone do this kind of work?

I know that QV can not work with regular expressions so there has to be a workaround for that. An idea would be to create a table for every query of Access with exactly the same name, so "just" to convert the Access-SQL to QV-Script.

Thank you for any kind of help!

Best regards

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Re: Run / Convert Select-Queries from Access to Qlikview

If you create an odbc or oledb connection to the access database you can use the access sql to get the data.


select * from sometable where a = 'A';

The sql statement is not parsed (or even understood) by qlikview, but handed as a string to the database engine. The database engine returns the results to qlikview. So you can use the same sql you use in access in your qlikview load script.

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Re: Run / Convert Select-Queries from Access to Qlikview

Exactly, but what we want to do is to totally be independent from Access. We want to have the functionality in Qlikview.

Background is that this Access-Tool does an Analysis for customers and now one customer asks to do this analysis on his own. But because we dont want to send him the Access-DB (there is a lot of knowledge and algorithm in it) we want to create a Qlikview tool for that which we can save better.

So I need the Select-Statements as a QV-Script.

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