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Run Macro on Object selection

Hi All

Hope this is posted in the right group.

I have Objects on my sheet designed as per customer required formatting. I then manually use a list box to select the customer, when exported, I then select the next Object and go back to the list box and select the next customer.

I would like to automatically select the list box when the Object has been selected. Is this possible with a Macro?

If this has been asked before, sorry must have missed the post.

Thanks for your help


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MVP & Luminary

Re: Run Macro on Object selection

That's not possible. There is no event that fires when an object is selected.

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Re: Run Macro on Object selection


AFAIK  ,there is no such options.

Am no sure  may be possible with macro or not?

Re: Run Macro on Object selection

Its not possible in Qlikview ....we don't have any event triggers for object selection

Re: Run Macro on Object selection

You can try this macro which automatically selects the listbox values in loop. In between you also use the export event for specific object see this

Loop through all filter values then print to PDF

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Re: Run Macro on Object selection

If you want to export automatically you didn't need this kind of object-selection - you will simply loop through a list of object-id's and field-values, see for example these links:

VB Macro to Loop Field (Dynamic) and Export Chart (Dynamic) to Excel & Name Sheets by Field Valu...

Loop Charts and Field Values - Excel Export Macro

QlikTip #32: Exporting multiple QV objects to a single Excel document

- Marcus