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Running Order of Hidden Script

Hello, I have several tabs in my scripting and we need to limit access to the majority of the tabs.  One of the tabs contains parameters that need to be changed monthly to correctly link to the directory where the files are saved and therefore needs to be accessible to all users.  I have made the rest of the scripting hidden however I need the unhidden tab to run first upon reload so that the hidden script runs properly, however I can't promte the unhidden tab past the hidden tabs.  Is this at all possible?  Thanks in advance

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Re: Running Order of Hidden Script


     I am not sure about the hidden script load order but instead of the hidden script you can use the Text file which contains your script and then you can call that text file in qlikview usinf Include statement.

     If you do this you can call the file any where in the script.


Kaushik Solanki

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Re: Running Order of Hidden Script

I have the same question as you nikki_7395... did you find any other solution?

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