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SAP Connector Best Practices

We are a remote site and currently get SAP table information for only our company code. Tables are put on our QV server each night into qvd files. We currently have no direct access to the SAP connector. We are relying on the "parent" location to extract the data.

Is this the "normal" (best practices) way for subsidiary companies to get their data or can/should subsidiary companies have access to the SAP connector to extract their own data? If we have access to the SAP connector can restrictions be set up so that we only see our company code data?

How are most companies configuring the SAP connector and their subsidiary companies to get SAP table data ?



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SAP Connector Best Practices

Yes, it would be possible to limit the extract authorizations by any organization element - like company code, or sales org, etc. Connector comes with 2 standard roles which can be copied and changed to your restrictions and then assigned to the extract user your subsidiary company will use to connect to SAP and extract the data.

Most of the "Parent" companies are worried about amount of the data extracted and the time of the extracts, as it may put some load to their SAP systems. There are best practices based on the experiences available, but nothing in form of an article or a white paper.



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SAP Connector Best Practices


we do it in two ways:

1. we save our SAP reports in different formats (*.xls, -*.htm) on theserver and so we are able to load them into the scripts.

2. with SAP connector and then only our "Buchungskreis" or "Kostenkreis";

f.e. : EKBE:

load *; SQL Select * from EKBE where KOKRS = $(BUCHUNGSKREIS) ;

Store EKBE into EKBE.QVD;

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SAP Connector Best Practices

In SAP. Every Header Table have Plant Code, Comp Code, and Organisational level Details . so can Restrict Extraction through plant and Company code according to your requirement.

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