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Hi there,

I scheduled my Data-Load of SAP-Tables during the night and I get some for me unreasonable timeouts / cancels.

In the SAP Logs it says "Fetch of Data is cancelled by QlikView" and the QlikView-Logs show no reason for cancelling the job.

Has anyone came up with this problem and may know where I could find a solution for this ?

Sometimes it loads up to 40 Tables a night and next night it stops after loading 5 tables.

I am using QV 10 SR 2.

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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PS: And it is SAP-Connecter 5.50 SR 3 (latest release)

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Have you tried generating the connectors log for more information?

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The logs final entry was the load ... ; select ... from TABLE

Execution finished.

Anyway the problem seems to be solved. As i pushed the task manually yesterday it ran through without problems. So it seems to be a SAP-side problem with performance / timeout at night due to SAP-processes and not a QV-Problem.

I consider this at solved

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