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SCD Logic??

Hi Community,

Can you help how to implement SCD (slowly changing dimension) ?

I have downloaded in Community, but i am confusing with that, i.e very lengthy..

Please anyone give simple example.....

Thanks in Advance...

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Re: Need Help

The 4 Qlik Community Types We All Love to Hate

Rebecca CamperWizard

1. The Vague But Desperate Poster

This poster usually includes a desperate plea for help in the title but then no information whatsoever in the body of the post.  We can tell you need help, but with what? Help us help you!


2. The Really Important Guy

This poster needs help right now.  Drop what you are working on and help him – his deadline is your deadline!


3. The TMI Poster

This poster includes his entire QVW script in his question. All thirty-four pages of it. The error is in there somewhere!


4. The Boss

This poster lists a set of requirements for the application he needs you to build. Oh, and he needs that by tomorrow afternoon. So if you could come in on Saturday…


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Re: SCD Logic??

Have you read some of the discussions about this subject yet? You can find a lot of those with this search: https://community.qlik.com/search.jspa?q=scd

This blog post is worth a read: Slowly Changing Dimensions

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
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Re: SCD Logic??

Well, that wasn't very helpful. Why not point out something like this instead: QlikCommunity Tip: How to get answers to your post?

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
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Re: SCD Logic??


Read hic  posts..


It might be helpful...  

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Re: SCD Logic??


If you understand the logic of SCDs then you can easily implement SCDs in QV on your own...

In general the requirement would be more of implementing Type 2 SCDs... ie preserving history...

So.. How to preserve the history... as per Kimbal's DW Model there are essentially three types..

1) Versioning

2) Timestamp

3) Flags

Its your choice, how you would like to implement these options in QV...