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SET Analysis - How to implement OR condition

Hi - Here is a scenario where I need to perform 4 opetarions in OR condition

1EFF_DT between FROM_DT and  TO_DT
2TERM_DT between FROM_DT and TO_DT
3FROM_DT between EFF_DT and TERM_DT
4TO_DT between EFF_DT and  TERM_DT

COUNT({<MEM_GENDER = {'M'}, MEM_EFF_DT = {">=$(=Date(vFromDate))"}*{"<=$(=Date(vToDate))"},FLAG_ELIG_PERSON_KEY ={1}>}  DISTINCT PERSON_KEY)

Highlighted above has  first condition, I dont know how to implement rest 3 onditions in OR. Can someone pls help me?

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: SET Analysis - How to implement OR condition

Something like this:

COUNT({<MEM_GENDER = {'M'}, MEM_EFF_DT = {">=$(=Date(vFromDate))<=$(=Date(vToDate))"},FLAG_ELIG_PERSON_KEY ={1}>


<MEM_GENDER = {'M'}, MEM_TERM_DT = {">=$(=Date(vFromDate))<=$(=Date(vToDate))"},FLAG_ELIG_PERSON_KEY ={1}>


<MEM_GENDER = {'M'}, MEM_TERM_DT = {">=$(=Date(vFromDate))"}, MEM_EFF_DT = {"<=$(=Date(vFromDate))"} ,FLAG_ELIG_PERSON_KEY ={1}>


<MEM_GENDER = {'M'}, MEM_TERM_DT = {">=$(=Date(vToDate))"}, MEM_EFF_DT = {"<=$(=Date(vToDate))"} ,FLAG_ELIG_PERSON_KEY ={1}>


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