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Salesforce.com object relationships

Is there anyone out there who has experience working with Saleforce.com (SFDC) data and Qlick View?   I'll do my best at describing the issue here as Saleforce.com is new to me.   I am having difficulty when I want to look at all of my company's campaigns and then show all of the leads that are related to the campaign; then add in opportunities etc after that.  Based on how SFDC stores the data, or maybe better said, how the end user inputs data into SFDC, affects how I can see the data I am trying to get.  For example, the SFDC Qlik View Demo that is out there, I used that script to bring in my data but I cannot see the leads that are associated to my campaigns, however when I do a data load with campaign being the 1st table loaded and then I bring in leads after that I can see some of my leads but other data is missing that was being displayed in the Qlik View SFDC demo app's way of bringing in the data.
So, my question is, is there a known process for putting SFDC data together that will allow me to see all associations regardless of how the end user uses SFDC?    I hope this make sense, thanks.  Sean
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Salesforce.com object relationships

If you pull all the data from each SFDC object individually (leads, campaigns, opportunities) and then link them normally in the QlikView data model, you should be able to see everything.  The order of which you load the tables doesn't matter.

Unsure what you mean by "how the end user inputs data into SFDC".

Can you provide some more detail?

  • Are you using the QlikView SFDC connector or a third party connector?
  • What of SFDC org are you using? (enterprise, professional, etc)
  • Do you have sysadmin level API access, or is your login filtered by the SFDC security model?


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