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Scheduled Qlik files

Hi Qlikers,

i've used a Windows batch file to schedule the reload of some Qlik file.

Althought the reload has been done correctly it doesn't saved.

The Modified Time of the Qlik file is not changed and data are old.

I think that the problem is linked with SCRIPT EXECUTION PROGRESS window that hasn't been closed after reload ending.

I've checked in the settings and the option "KEEP PROGRESS OPEN AFTER RELOAD" is disabled.

is there any other problems??

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Scheduled Qlik files

Hello Michele,

You are saying that the data is old and the Modified time doesnt Change.

Are you sure that the reload has been done correctly?

Please check:

- Which user is executing the Batch file (i think you have scheduled this with Windows Task Scheduler?)

- log off from Server and Log in with that user

- open your QVW and check if that user has a licence lease



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Re: Scheduled Qlik files

Hello Tim,

I've launched the reload of Qlik File from Server as Administrator; everything runs correctly and the reload finish well.

When i launch the reload with Windows Task Scheduler it runs well but the data isn't saved.

I'm sure that there isn't a license problem.


Re: Scheduled Qlik files

How is the command looking like?

qv.exe /r app.qvw

will reload and save the file. The user with license must be the one running the task in Windows, not the one opening the file.

Anyway, Publisher works best for this type of tasks.