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Scrambling data records, not columns

Has anyone scrambled data for specific records? We're a PBM who hold prescription/pharmacy data, and would like to scramble the names of the employees who work here so other employees can't snoop on their coworkers.

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Scrambling data records, not columns

I doubt you can scramble the records, but you can simply restrict access to the records by using data reduction based on Section Access.


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Scrambling data records, not columns

you may use load dual ( VendorName,VendorId ) as VendorId to set real Vendor names to some vendors, and fake names (use autonumber, rand or fixed string) to others.

Your data model will use Vendor Ids internally, but listbox or charts will display the text from this table.

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MVP & Luminary

Scrambling data records, not columns

If the name field is not a Key, and you have some flag that identifies Employees, you could do something like:

if(Employee = 'Y', 'Confidential', Name) as Name

If Name is a key, you could use mapping to change the name for employees only using applyMap(). You would need to check an Employee flag first if there is a chance that an Employee and Customer had the same name.


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