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Script to pull data with structured references from Excel table


I have one Excel sheet which has several Tables (new functionality introduced in Excel 2007)

Use structured references in Excel table formulas


Excel Tables do not seem to be directly available from QV script (ex: Design or Index)

But Name Formula are instead available in QV, and then

  • I can pull the data from Design_FixedRange_Sheet, refering to  "=Data!$B$2:$D$8"


  • But not from Design_Table_Workbook or Design_Table_Sheet which refer to "=Design[[#Headers],[#Data]]"


How can I pull the data using Excel table formula? As it is much more handy. Target is to have an many Tables under the same Excel sheet and user should be able to add lines with no need to update the name formula.

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Any help?

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Try with ODBC connection

SET vFile = 'O:\Testing\Others\TEST.xlsx';

ODBC CONNECT32 TO [Excel Files;DBQ=$(vFile)];




For i = 0 To NoOfRows('Sheets')

Let zSheet = Peek('TABLE_NAME', i, 'Sheets');


LOAD * From [$(vFile)] (ooxml, no labels, table is [$(zSheet)]);


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Hi dathu.qv

This method does not work.

In your table 'Sheets', you get every worksheet of your workbook.

For me, I am working with Tables (new features of Excel 2007), and I have several tables in one single worksheet, and their location in this worksheet can change in the future, that's why I am interested to pull the data while refering the table name

Any help from community?