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ScriptErrorDetails not fetching multiple error details


I need help in using ScriptErrorDetails.

I am using below code to fetch data from multiple excel files:



ooxml, embedded labels, table is Open);

as vScriptErrorDetail


After running this, i get following value in vScriptErrorDetail :

Field not found - <Emp-Id>

However there were 2 fields that were missing in different files:

Emp-Name column was missing in one and Emp-Id column in another.

But vScriptErrorDetail is storing only error in file read last.

I want vScriptErrorDetail  to give following result:

Field not found - <Emp-Name>

Field not found - <Emp-Id>


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Re: ScriptErrorDetails not fetching multiple error details

I don't see any field


in your script or I'm missing something?

I suppose Qlikview check (or store) only first error of a single statement.

So you get only the first wrong field in error variable (Emp-Id); change the order of the fields and you'll get Emp-Name

The same if you set ErrorMode to 1; the pop-up only show the first error by statement.

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Re: ScriptErrorDetails not fetching multiple error details

Thanks, but if you see the code..its loading all the fields from file"*my_files*.xls" in which column emp_id and emp_name is there. I want both the field causing the error in my output text file.

My purpose is to show my users that we have 2 field error in the reload and these are the fields causing the error. Hope I am making it clear for you to help.

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