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Scripting Help


if(len([FHA Trial Date])<>0,
if(day([FHA Trial Date])<=20,date(monthstart(addmonths([FHA Trial Date],2))),date(monthstart(addmonths([FHA Trial Date],3))))),
if([LM Workout Status Act]='IN TRIAL',[FHA Trial Date],

If(len(trim([K04 Date]))<>0,
if(len([FHA Trial Date])=0,
if(day([K04 Date])<=15,date(monthstart(addmonths([K04 Date],1))),date(monthstart(addmonths([K04 Date],2))))),
if([LM Workout Status Act]='IN TRIAL',[K04 Date],


)))))))) as [trial1_due_dt] ,



The above code says if FHA Trial Date not null then


            If day of FHA Trial Date <=20 then add 2 months else add 3 months and show the trial1_due_dt


If the K04 Date Is not null and FHA Trial Date is null then


            If day of K04 Date is <=15 advance 1 month else advance 2 months and show the trial1_due_dt


In the results the code works only if there is an FHA date.  In the case of non-FHA dates the trial1_due_dt is blank


1. Anyone know why I am getting blanks in these instances

2. Is there a more efficient way to write this code  Basically I want the trial_due_date to appear one way if FHA loan and another if it is not

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Re: Scripting Help

May be try this:

If(Len(Trim([FHA Trial Date]) > 0,
     If(Day([FHA Trial Date]) <= 20,

          Date(MonthStart([FHA Trial Date], 2)),

          Date(MonthStart([FHA Trial Date], 3))),

If(Len(Trim([K04 Date])) > 0,
     If(Day([K04 Date]) <= 15,

          Date(MonthStart([K04 Date], 1)),

          Date(MonthStart([K04 Date], 2))))) as [trial1_due_dt] ,

Not sure I understand how this fit in?

If([LM Workout Status Act] = 'IN TRIAL', [FHA Trial Date],

if([LM Workout Status Act]='IN TRIAL',[K04 Date],