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Scripting loop problem


I hope I can explain this right, let me know if it seems confusing.

I have a long list of adjustments to data. I want to see if the adjustments are linked to a case.

I have an excel sheet, which states the cases and conditions that would make the adjustment linked to that case.

If you look at the excel sheet, an adjustment is linked to the case if the stated attribute of the adjustment is equal to the value.

And all conditions for that case are met. (as you will notice there are multiple conditions for an adjustment to relate to some cases).

If the adjustment is linked to a case, I would then like to add that case as an attribute of the adjustment.

I was wondering how this would be implemented in the qlikview script?

The pseudo code would be something like this:

For adjustment in table:

    for case in excel table:

          if adjustment attributes = values for all conditions:

                adjustment.case = case

Hope someone can help,

Thanks Ben

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Re: Scripting loop problem

please post expected output related to your sample data.




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Re: Scripting loop problem



This is what the adjustment table would look like (except with a lot more adjustments, and a lot more different attributes. The output I want is for it to add a case attribute to an adjustment row where the adjustment meets the criteria of a case from that excel table.