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Searching Data in a Status-Flow


I have a dataset here and I'm not sure what the correct approach here is:

There is a base table, let's say "orders".

Each record of these orders have historical data in a linked table: "Status-History" with fields "status" and "date".

So for example for order 1 you find:

03/03/2011: Opened

04/03/2011: Reviewed

08/03/2011: Closed

10/04/2011: Opened for review

11/04/2011: Adjustment made

19/04/2011: Review closed
14/07/2011: Appeal

03/08/2011: Appeal Denied

07/10/2011: Removed

(any combination of these statusses are possible)

How would I load this so I can show things like:

- All orders opened or opened for review in a month and how many of them have been closed meanwhile.

- How many orders are removed which did not have had an appeal before

- How many tickets are in the status of their first Appeal

- ...

If someone has some idea's he'd like to share !

Thanks in advance