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Section Access Issue.........Urgent

Dear All,

I have two application named one is "Qlikview1.qvw" and another is "Qlikview2.qvw".

In Qlikview1.qvw there is a launch button in which on a click event i am calling "Qlikview2.qvw".

Now, i have applied section access in "Qlikview1.qvw" application which is working fine but i want when i click on the launch button the second application ":Qlikview2.qvw" will open with same credential & reduced data.


User Name is A and have access only for north region.

when he login in Qlikview1.qvw with their credential, he will able to view data for "North region", but i want when he click on launch button with in "Qlikview1.qvw", then second qvw i.e. Qlikview2.qvw will open only with "North Region" data.

Will it possible, if yes please help.

Thanks & Regards

Neetu Singh

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Valued Contributor

Re: Section Access Issue.........Urgent

Hi Neetu,

IF you have a NT Security then you should not be doing anything but just open the Dashboard and it will do the Data Reduction on its own as the Document is opened with the Domain User.

IF you are not using NT Security then on the Actions Tab you can Open an URL, Use variables to pass the identity of the user while building the URL string.

Refer below link and see if it helps





Re: Section Access Issue.........Urgent

Hi Neetu,

Not sure if you got it working... why don't implement same Section Access on the QlikView2.QVW file? As per your question you have the same fields in QlikView2.QVW right. You can use document chaining and have Section Access on both the files.

I hope this helps!





Re: Section Access Issue.........Urgent

Is this resolved? Managed to get it to work?



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