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Section Access Manager


We are getting close to releasing our first lot of dashboards and require some suggestions regarding section access.  We are going to be using publisher to restrict data down to specific contracts from one large application(housing about 6 contracts).

All contracts use the same DB schema, so publisher will simply publish & restrict data down to specific contracts.  Where section access comes in is to hide certain tabs from view.  I.e. Contact A will see a tab called "finance - Contract A" and Contract B will see a "Finance - Contract B" tab. 

I need a mechanism to restrict the viewing of these tabs with active directory, the knack is having the ability to manage the section access easily via some form of manager.

Has anyone got examples of managing section access by Active Directory or facility for easier use?

I dont mind if this is a application that we purchase or homebrew, it would be useful to know how you guys manage strategically section access with active directory...



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Re: Section Access Manager

I think you don't need any special application.

Section access table can be loaded from any external source, like excel file.

Write your AD user or group names into the NTNAME column.

STAR is *;

Section Access;



QV_Admin,        S-1-5-21-0000000000,  ADMIN,    *,      A

Contact_A,       S-1-5-21-0000000000,  USER,     *,      C_A

Contact_B,       S-1-5-21-0000000000,  USER,     *,      C_B


// concatenate load from excel file

Section Application;








In document properties Opening tab check the boxes "initial data reduction" and "strict exclusion".

In the sheet properties use Show Conditional with expression like =match(USERGROUP,'A','C_A').

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Re: Section Access Manager

Hi, Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Sorry re-reading my post I did not make my question that clear. The application of the section access within Qlikview is not really the problem. This is more to do with the management of AD groups/users being assigned to the dashboard(s).

This management is going to be controlled by non-QlikView savvy people so entering into a spreadhseet really is not an option due to it being not being a controlled environment, i.e. if user does not know what they are doing they could break the whole file.

I am currently looking at creating an ASP front end which allows the user to select the dashboard, the tab & then assign the AD group to it. This way it is in a controlled structure which only allows the user to input information they way I want it to be stored.

The results will be pulled from SQL and will become the starting point for the Section Access read in to Qlikview.

Rather than me starting from scratch I was looking if any standardised structures out there that could produce an "Admin manager" form of application.