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Section Access issue (Qlik v 8.01.4783.11)

Hi Qlikers,

i have two big problems with section access in QlikView version 8.01.4783.11.

The problems are these:

1- Sometime (lately often) Qlik doesn't accept an user althought this user write correctly his username and password;

2- When Qlik accept the user sometime the data cutting isn't correct.

Let me know if you have had tha same problem and you have found a solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Section Access issue (Qlik v 8.01.4783.11)

I may have had a similar problem (don't remember, must have been 10 years ago), but the only solution would be to upgrade to a more recent QlikView version, as yours isn't supported anymore and upgrades cannot be downloaded since a long time.

Why don't you upgrade to a more recent QlikView version?

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Re: Section Access issue (Qlik v 8.01.4783.11)

The licenses are the reason that don't allow me to upgrade my QlikView.

I want to use v 8 beacuse i already have some licenses that are enough to my job.

Anyway i think that i could upgrade my version beacuse many fuctions (ex. Set Analysis) don't work in v 8.

Thank you so much Peter.


Re: Section Access issue (Qlik v 8.01.4783.11)

The license cannot be the reason (I'm still using a license I got in the 7.xx days). The lack of maintenance payments can. And lack of maintenance and support are important consequences you are facing right now.

You can wait a while longer to see if someone remembers having had the same problem and what can be done about that. But chances are extremely low...

Good luck,