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Section Access


I am looking to utilixe Section Access in my application. I have the below code working, but I want to have the second part to read off either a text file or a qvd that contains the NTNames and Unit. I need to do this cause there are over 200,000 records that I need to run security off of. Is this possible?

Section Access; //Start of Section Access Part
ADMIN, User1
USER, User2
Section Application; //End of Section Access Part

User1, UnitA
User1, UnitB
User2, UnitC
User2, UnitD

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Section Access

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Section Access

Section Access is not different from Section Application in this regard - it can read data from any data source. In fact, in real life the security data is almost always comes from a data source, most often from a database. Load Inline in examples is only to make the examples simple and clear. So the answer to you question is 'absolutely yes'.

Section Access

Completely agree.

But if you are loading your section access from a QVD file, do that in an unoptimized way, otherwise you may be locked out or not getting your security working properly.

LOAD NTNAME, // Always uppercase both name and value of field ACCESS, UNITFROM File.qvd (qvd) WHERE 1=1;

Hope that helps.

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Section Access

Hi Dear,

Read This Pdf file , an example of NTSystem have given.

I think it will help You.

Thanks and Best Regards

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Section Access

Hi Miguel,

how can i make all the sheet objects in a sheet to display in excel with button click.

Can you provide solution with example and also with explanation.


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