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Select Possible From Chart

I have a chart that has a field called KEY. when the users make a few selections, this field within the chart gets limited down to a few records. I want to be able to automatically select those records. I can't use SelectPossible however, since the entire field KEY isn't limited down. Only the field within the chart is limited because of the way the chart was designed. I am hoping there is a way to write a macro, to do the following

1) Look at all possible values for KEY within the chart CH123

2) Select those values

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Re: Select Possible From Chart

I don't think so you need a macro. I believe, you are using calculated dimension to limit the KEY field values in the script.

1. Get the all the possible values for KEY and pass into variable

2.. Apply the filter to remove the unwanted data from variable  [calculated dimension filter]

3. Select the KEY field

Please post sample qvw ...


Re: Select Possible From Chart

Is better do not use a Key Field as a Dimmension or into a Expression.

You should work with fields which are not used like Key.

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