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Selection Criteria

I wanted to know the easiest way to only show the records from my data that are greater than a specific dollar amount.  Do I use a function or create a dimension?  thanks

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Re: Selection Criteria






from ecel file:


load ID



,if(ID>8 and Year(SalesDate)='2013',1,0) as IncludeFlag

resident RawData:

Drop table RawData:

//----------------now from here you can just restrict the Include Flag =1 in Your UI -------------Or in script you have to move one step ahead--//


load ID as CustomerID



, IncludeFlag

resident Table2 where exsist(IncludeFlag=1);

drop table Table2;

try this


Re: Selection Criteria

I guess, using set analysis would be better. Like: Sum( {<Amount={">100"}> Amount}, this expression would reduce your data set accordinly irrespective of your dimension restriction. And yes, if you are sure that those amounts are never going to be used in the UI reporting, better put a where clause in the script to exclude them during load. That would be more meaningful.

Load Field1,


From <> where Amount>100;

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Re: Selection Criteria

thanks very much for all your help - really appreciate it

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