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Server Path and

I have a System FullLogPath that displays both \\server\folder path\ and C:\Program Files\QlikTech\....

Also, I'd like to display the Server that the C:\Program Files\QlikTech\ resides and put that into a ServerPath variable.  How do I go about accomplishing this?  Meaning the C:\path would be on server1 and I'd like to display that on a single column.

In the QMC, I noticed there's a URL for the Distribution Service section of the General tab and I'm wondering if I can use that in a System Monitor application?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Server Path and

All QMC configuration parameters reside in configuration files. They're either .ini or .xml files, and the binary .pgo files can be made to export their contents to .xml in real-time.

To find out what files you need, check the script of QlikView Application: System Monitor v5.1.23

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Re: Server Path and

We have the System Monitor installed already, but had a question.

In the Pub-New tab, there's a FullLogPath column - the log path displays:



Is there a column that I can display the server from the DistributionServices folder path? 

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