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Set Analysis to do Trigger Work

Hi Experts

Currently to send my Mail Alerts for 11 Divisions, The Max Year and Month is Selected through Trigger when Application Opens with the help of Task Scheduler every Morning and rest Macro is written which do the Task of Sending Mails by Running Loop for 11 Divisions.

Suppose when Max Year i.e. 2014 is selected my 8 divisions are showing Possible values and rest are excluded in the List Box. So, the excluded Divisions are not going in the Emails.

But now i have to change this since Trigger is causing Problems many-a-times like it will show only those divisions out of 11  which got selected but i have to select all and send data for it whether Zero or some figure.

I have Variable written for Todays Sales, Previous day sales, last year sales and Many More.

I want some set analysis help in these variables so that when the Application Opens via Task Scheduler, every variable will do selection on their own and Macro Send Mails.

How can i achieve this???

Thanks in  Advance.

Warm Regards

Aviral Nag

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Re: Set Analysis to do Trigger Work


Wherever you are using this Variable there u can put {1}.

{1} will ignore all the selections and consider all the values available in the data.

here for example Divisions:

add {1} where you are giving divisions.


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