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Set analysis and start month


my name is Betty and I'm new at this. I want to make a set analysis where I compare this years sale to last years sale and I want to start from January. I've actually made one, but can't seem to figure out how to make it start from january. Can you please help me out a little? =)

This is the expression I've written (know that I don't use dollar signs since I' m a swede):



Also, this store opened 2014 and so I only have sales information from 2014-2015, but let's say that 2016 comes. I don't want to have to write another expression only for that year. Is there also a better way to make an expression that will apply to all years?



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Re: Set analysis and start month

Hi try like this to get current , and previous  n years :

current year :


last year :


past last year :



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Re: Set analysis and start month

Hi Betty,

You could try using variables to define current and previous year:

- vCurrentYear = Year

- vPreviousYear = Year -1

Then add the variables to your set analysis:

- CY Sales = sum({<year = {$(vCurrentYear)}>} Sales)

- PY Sales = sum({<year = {$vPreviousYear}>} Sales)

Once you select 2015 second column will update to 2014. If you want to work with real dates, you can use Now() and Year() functions as well.

Good luck!


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Re: Set analysis and start month

Thank you guys for answering so quickly! I managed to fix it yesterday =D

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