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Hi Everyone,

How to get the month end Account Balance by using setanalysis.

like i need to to show

1)month end account balance (only month end day)

2)last month month end date account balance


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Re: Setanalysis

Here you go,

1.1) Create one field like

    if(monthend(TransactionDate) = TransactionDate, 1,0) as MonthEnd_Flag

1.2) Please use Set analysis like below

    Sum({<MonthEnd_Flag = {1}>} Amount)

2) For your second requirement, Use below

    Sum({<MonthEnd_Flag = {1}, Month = {'$(=AddMonths(Max(Month),-1))'}>} Amount)

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Re: Setanalysis

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Re: Setanalysis


1)month end account balance (only month end day)

for this Requirement,

first derive the month end dates by using your date field and

then you can use this month end filed and you can use the sum of  account balance filed as expression on chart

it will gives the month end date wise account balances.

any by this you can also see the every month end date account balance.