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SharePoint <--> Qlikview Integration

Hello QlikCommunity,

I need your help!

Over the last week, I've built out a new SharePoint site for my PMO group in order to track our projects.

I then used Qlikview to pull the Sharepoint data using an XML owwsvr.dll webcall in order to pull the project information from the Project List in SharePoint.

The dashboard looks great and can display our projects much better visually than what SharePoint could alone.

I then uploaded the dashboard as an HTML webpart back onto the SharePoint site for a seemless enviroment.

Here's where the problem comes in.

We can manually hit the refresh button and the data flows through, but when we try and setup an automated job for the dashboard to refresh, we get the following error:

The task "Reload and Distribute of Product\Project Tracker.qvw" failed. Part of the log file follows:

9/4/2012 3:27:49 PM     Error The Source Document was NOT reloaded successfully. DocumentPath=X:\...\Product\Project Tracker.qvw.

9/4/2012 3:27:49 PM     Error Reload failed.

9/4/2012 3:27:50 PM     Error Reload failed. Distribution skipped.

9/4/2012 3:27:50 PM     Error The task "Reload and Distribute of Product\Project Tracker.qvw" failed. ErrorCount=3

I'm so close to being done - does anyone know what i'm doing wrong with the refresh job?



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Re: SharePoint <--> Qlikview Integration

I have an identical situation and would love to know if you ever figured out what the problem was.

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