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Show last 3 month's value on table

Dear community!

I'm building a Table and I can't find the straight way to get to this solution.

I attached a JPG of what I have so far: a Table with values for every Automobile Holding and how many mentions it has.

In the right, I built a comparative table that shows me the total of mentions for each month with a variable.

I need to be able to calculate the difference, month on month, for each one of the Auto Holdings (Grupos).

Can anybody help me sort the expression out?? I can't seem to get it to work

Thanks! =)

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Re: Show last 3 month's value on table

You could use interrecord-functions like Missing Manual - Above() and Below() to access other rows/columns witin your chart. Another way might be to create for each column an expression and to use set analysis within them: Set Analysis: syntaxes, examples.

- Marcus

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