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Showing all Bar-Chart Data

Hidden data.pngWithin some of my bar charts, some of my data appears hidden. How do I edit my charts to ensure that all data is shown within each of my bars without resizing the chart itself. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Showing all Bar-Chart Data

for vertical orientation there is not enough space for some numbers

maybe you try to skip of "$" sign (put in on axes) or Format number

to not Show decimals (your numbers have always".00", so why not get rid of that

but still: if barchart is not high enough, you won't get number

or you define on top "not plot values inside segments"

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Re: Showing all Bar-Chart Data

Maybe just make the font smaller!


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Re: Showing all Bar-Chart Data

It based on the no of characters of values on data points, bar height is low, it will not display

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Re: Showing all Bar-Chart Data

May be you can suppress decimals and put a font smaller

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Re: Showing all Bar-Chart Data

Do you have to plot your values inside bar segments? Maybe you can simply uncheck the check box on presentation tab.