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Slowly changing dimension, Master Calendar and fact tables


I'm rather new here, and I'm still working out some of the basics...so I apologize if this seems basic, but I couldn't find this case in the blogs and training books...

I'm trying to load a slowly changing dimensions table ([SubIntervals]), a master calendar table and a facts table ([Checkins]).

My [SubIntervals] table has periods for values changed  on a person, and has columns for :

SubInterval_ID,PersonID, From_Date, To_Date, Status, Home_Center, Person_Type

In order to be able to select a date and find the persons who have a specific value in one of the fields (Status, Home_Center, Person_Type) on that date, I created a [Master Calendar table], and a connecting table called [SubIntervals_x_Dates] based on the post by HIC : Creating Reference Dates for Intervals

[SubIntervals_x_Dates] has the columns:

DATA_Date, SubInterval_ID

This works fine.

Now I want to include a facts table called [Checkins] and link it to the other ones, so I am able to check who has a 'checkin' on a specific date, and what their 'Person_Type' was on that date.

[Checkins] has the columns

PersonID, Checkin_Date, Checkin_Center

I'm not sure how I can load my [Checkins] table in a way that it links to the master calendar, but doesn't link to the wrong persons or wrong dates.

Thanks in advance