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Small Problem

hi ,

i have string like this "AChaa12ssdah" knw by use string funtions i need to get out put "AChasdh"

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Re: Small Problem

This can be done using Left, Right, Mid, KeepChar and Purchar String Functions... But it would be easy to answer if you provide us the logic behind the output...


Valued Contributor

Re: Small Problem


The only solution that I Know for your problem is:

You can concatenate the string using function Mid

Mid("AChaa12ssdah",1,4) +

Mid("AChaa12ssdah",8,1) +

Mid("AChaa12ssdah",10,1) +


Mid Examples:

mid('abcdef',3 ) returns 'cdef'.

mid('abcdef',3, 2 ) returns 'cd'.

mid( Date,3 ) where Date = 970714 returns 0714

mid( Date,3,2 ) where Date = 970714 returns 07


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Re: Small Problem

hi manish,

purgechar ( 'AChaa12ssdah','12as' )

i can give like this but need to keep "a" "s" With one time thts why i strucked

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