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Socket closed by client


Can someone say what is the meaning of the meesage "Socket closed by client" seen on exit reason column in Sessions_SERVERNAME_2011-01.log log file. Is it the document was not accessible by the user (Identifying user) at the time given in Document Timestamp column.

Please advise.



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Socket closed by client

hi , can you send the screen shoot !!!!!!!!

Socket closed by client

This is typically an indication that the user closed their browser.

It is harmless.

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Re: Socket closed by client

Why doesn't it have a user name included?

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Re: Socket closed by client

The Server Reference Manual states that there are a number of reason for session termination:

   “Socket closed” = Client-induced termination

   “LRU” = Terminated as Least Recently Used in favor of new user

   “Shutdown” = Server-induced termination for other reasons

But that this is not a complete list, as the exit value in some cases comes from the operating system.

Other common Exit Reasons are:

Session expired after idle timeSession Idle Time exceeded the parameters set for the Document / Server
Killed because Named User Cal was needed from another clientWhere the User is using two different machines / browsers to view the same document this "kills the session" to use for the other machine.