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Source control blacklist on a field instead of whitelist?

Hi, I have a requirement to make a certain client only visible to some users in our organization and I have a working solution in source control along the lines of listing users, the field, and the clients most users are able to see.  Then giving the other short list of users a * to cover previously listed clients, and an extra line with the name of the additional client only they can see.

Is there a way for me to instead write a source control table that simply specifies a fieldvalue of 'ALL where not Client X' for the first group, or maybe ALL on one line chased by a NOT Client X on the next line for the first group, and then ALL for the second group of users?

Client X is exactly the only client that will ever need to be separated this way ever, and I'd rather not have to manually go in and add values for other clients as other clients are added to our database over time.  So hoping to use a 'blacklist' approach to keep Client X off the one group's view rather than a 'whitelist' of approach of continually adding client values for who everyone can see.  (Still going to have to maintain the lists for who's in group A or B when people come or go, but that's more normal admin stuff there's no getting around.)


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