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Stacked bar chart color gradient


I have a few stacked bar charts where i need to bring in gradients. obviously  I can change it manually for each char but is there a way of doing an auto gradient that will work o all charts.

For example and ageing chart with current and 4 other values like 3o, 60 90 120+ days

Then the second chart with a 150+, next chart 190+ etc etc

I want to start off with a green for current month and a red for 120+, or in the next chart 150+., 180+, 210+ etc This is very easy when you only have a chart with 4 stacked chart - set your colors for each stack, but if you have 1 chart with 4 values, next with 5, 6 and so on, how do you keep the first color green and the last color always red with the shades in between.

For now I am just manually setting it manually in each chart.