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Stacked bar chart variable coloring


I have a bar chart where there are between 5 and 7 values in the stacks depending on which chart selection you make

For example on Ageing, have a 120Days, 150 Days and 180Days Ageing.

120Days for example will have Current, 30, 60, 90 and then 120+ Days

I need the colours to stand out from each other so the user can clearly differentiate between the values. The Current will always be Green where the 120, or 150 or 180 depending on the selection will always be red.

Is there a way automatically of doing this or would I need to hard code each chart

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Re: Stacked bar chart variable coloring

Have a look at: qlikfix.com/2010/12/17/consistent-dimension-colors/

Re: Stacked bar chart variable coloring

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Re: Stacked bar chart variable coloring

Thanks, that is helpful, the is issue still remains my red section will be

120 Days for the 120Day Chart, 150Days for the 150Days chart and 180 Days

for the 180Days chart. Its easy predefining colors if the column stay the

same , as soon as it changes from one chart to the next is where I get the


In effect the 120Days is Red in the 120 Day chart option, but on the 150

chart 120 changes to another color which is to be clearly different to the

preceding color and red is is now the color for 150 days, then in the 3rd

chart which is 180 days, we have the same situation, 150 gets a new color

which again has to be noticably different from the previous color for 120

and red which moved to 180Days.

If this is just something I should leave as I have currently theat is cool,

then I just have predetermined colors for each graph which I set manually,

and then have a variable selection for the chart I want to see. It would

have been nice though to be able to work with one chart only

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