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New Contributor

Stop empty dataset from overwriting a dataset


I am trying to stop an older dataset from being overwritten by an empty dataset.

I am using this statement to load my data, just unsure where to build in the If statement to do a row count before loading it in my report.  I am not using a QVD to load the data, just the below query...hope this makes sense?

I am just unsure when it actually loads the data, if I can use an if statement with the rowno() >0 check after this query, or where to insert it?


SQL SELECT distinct







"X_flex" as Flex_Account,



    "X_masterfamily" as Master_Planning_Family,

    "X_org_code" as Location

FROM "PDP8_Reports".divfood."ASCP_Sheet_Passes" Left Join "PDP8_Reports".dbo."ASCP_Cube_UDC" on item_name=X_item;

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