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Store tablebox by macro

Hello Qlikview Experts,

I need to store TableBox from AccessPoint with INPUTFIELD. In order to do this I use macro below:

Sub Save_in_Server

set tb = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TB01")

tb.ServerSideExportEx "C:\Test\Test.xml" , ";" , 3 '0=HTML, 1=Text, 2=Bitmap, 3=XML, 4=QVD, 5=BIFF

end sub

The Table (TB01) is for example like:


    Date, Price, Price2

    01.01.2018, 10, 1

    02.01.2018, 5, 1

    30.01.2018, 6, 1

    01.02.2018, 6, 1

    01.03.2018, 5, 1


The issue is that TableBox is a table with dates and I put selection on this by month/year. What I need is to store the entire TableBox, but when I use macro above only file with current selection is stored. For example if I select January and run the macro I get only selected rows (01.01.2018, 02.01.2018, 30.01.2018), however I need all row with other dates as well

Could you please advise how I can get the entire table stored, but with selection still made on the dashboard?

Thank you for your comments

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Store tablebox by macro

Just add before the export-statement:



- Marcus