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Stored Procedures in Netezza from Qlikview Application?

Hi All,

I'm trying call to a netezza (odbc connection to NZSQL) procedure wirh parameters from qlikview:

SQL execute gdc.prc_update_ie_sales('product', 'South', 201605, 200, 'SIMULATED', 'user', current_timestamp, 1);

but it does not work and shows the error:

SQL##f - SqlState: 01000, ErrorCode: 2, ErrorMsg: NOTICE:  Error occurred while executing PL/pgSQL function PRC_UPDATE_IE_SALES

SQL execute gdc.prc_update_ie_ventas_cartera('product', 'South', 201605, 200, 'SIMULATED', 'user', current_timestamp, 1)

I've tried to call procedure with a OLEDB Netezza connection and it works. Anyone know what happens and why it does not work in odbc?

Thanks in Advance,