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Honored Contributor II

Strange QV behavior

Hi all.

I just wanted to concat a fields values into a variable and came accross this strange QV behavior (v11):

If I use this expression, QV hangs!! during reload (desktop edition):

Concat('OR ([Measure Name]= ' & Chr(39) & F1 & Chr(39) & ') ') as fieldListOR

If I use this one, the stupid one, it works just fine :

Replace(Concat('OR ([Measure Name]= A' & F1 & Chr(39) & ') '), 'A', Chr(39)) as fieldListOR

See attached.

The purpose is to put single quotes into the string.

Any ideas why?

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Contributor III

Re: Strange QV behavior


It's amazing, my QV hangs too. And even replacing chr() with other functions like ord() or mid() produces the same phenomena. Nice bug.

But, if you first create your string and then concatenate it works, like this :



Concat(DISTINCT fieldListOR) as fieldListOR ;


' OR ([Measure Name]=' & Chr(39) & F1 & Chr(39) & ')' AS fieldListOR

Resident [MeasuresListLoadTable] ;



Honored Contributor II

Re: Strange QV behavior

Nice workaround Vincent!

However it is strange, isn't it? Maybe a bug or is there something we do not know?

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