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Sum by Dimension Issue


having a nightmare this morning with a really simple problem.

using an SAP schema, so all based around start and end dates.

i have a straight table, with Age_Band as the dimension. The expression is built up of a concatenation of Day, Month and Year with a set expression to count the unique staff id's

the total number calculated is correct, only instead of splitting up the value by the dimension i get the same top level value for each row in the dimension. Ie



in the above example 1000 is the sum total, not the values for 20 and 25. i'm doing something stupid im sure.

losing my mind!

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Re: Sum by Dimension Issue

Can you share the App or maybe the Expression


Re: Sum by Dimension Issue

May be you need to use Aggr function.

Better is you share sample data or apps !

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Re: Sum by Dimension Issue

Use distinct Qualifier.

Please share your qvw.