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Summary table


I have a pivot table that has a calculated expression based on 2 other expressions. I want to be able to create a summary table of the totals but when I add totals the table calculates the expression for each row and so the values are wrong at the total level when I collapse my pivot table. I changed the table to a straight table that allows be to sum the column but then I can't get a summary view.

What I'm looking for is to be able to create a summary view that totals the columns and doesn't perform the calculation for the total rows

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Re: Summary table

You will probably need an aggr() for this, like:

sum(aggr(YourExpression, Dim1, Dim2))

- Marcus

Re: Summary table

Would you be able to share a sample?

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Re: Summary table

I too feel the need of a nested aggr function to achieve this. Perhaps this Technical document from HIC can help you in the right direction. (check pg 11)

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